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2023 Bylaw Amendments

Each year, the board is tasked to review the bylaws and propose amendments during the election period. The current bylaws were last amended in 2020, and you can review the bylaws as they currently stand here.

In conjunction with the 2023 officer elections, the TxGAP board is also proposing the following amendments: set a two term limit for elected officers; change the appointment of the communications officer from majority vote to appointment by the board in line with other chair and officer positions; and create a historian officer to document the history and major events of the chapter. Major changes highlighted in yellow: 

The TxGAP Chapter Board will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Each officer will be elected by a majority vote from the TxGAP voting membership. Per NAGAP guidelines, elections must be completed prior to the annual meeting held during the NAGAP Annual Conference. The following timeframe is recommended:

February: Call for nominations of officers

March: Electronic ballot sent to TxGAP members

April: Announcement of officers/election outcome

May 1: Officers begin their term Members may nominate candidates as long as that person has agreed, in advance, to serve.

Self-nominations will also be accepted. All elected officers must be recognized members of NAGAP/TxGAP. Elected officers will serve for a period of three years. Additionally, elected officers may serve a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms. Each newly-elected officer’s term will commence by May 1. In the event that an elected officer can no longer serve the remainder of an elected term due to resignation or other consequence, the TxGAP President shall appoint an interim replacement to complete the term. In the event that the TxGAP President can no longer serve the remainder of an elected term, the Vice President shall assume duties of the President until the next scheduled election. An Interim Vice President will be appointed by the Chapter Board to serve until the next scheduled election.

Dissolve  election of Communications Officer and make position by appointment by board in line with other officer and chair position.

Communications Officer  – Will assist in creating official communications and maintaining the website and listserv of the organization § Develops publicity and registration materials related to membership and special events. § Creates and disseminates official communications from TxGAP officers to its members. § Maintains the TxGAP website and listserv, oversees social media marketing, conducts surveys, and reports findings to Board and/or members. § Assumes other duties as directed by the President. § Attends two TxGAP state-wide meetings per year.

Article VII – Committees There will be five standing committees of the TxGAP Chapter. Committee membership will be voluntary. Committee Chairs will only be open to Individual members of TxGAP, but any TxGAP member may serve on a committee.

Create Historian Chair


    • -          In collaboration with the secretary, Historian will report and record on the website current key events of the organization such as Summer Institute (guest speakers, sessions, attendance, etc.), board changes, mixers, professional development sessions, etc.
    • -          Compile and maintain historical record of the organization such as the creation of TxGAP, key historical events, founding members, past Summer Institutes, etc.
    • -          In collaboration with the president assist in annual and ad hoc reporting to NAGAP
    • Other duties as assigned by the board

TxGAP is the official Texas chapter of NAGAP, the National Association for Graduate Enrollment Management.

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